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Meena is an Agile Coach at Aire, a pioneering data and technology startup. Starting her career as a Software Engineer in 2003, Meena’s work spanned multiple divisions and geographies, sparking an early fascination in the neuroscience behind team dynamics. A self-confessed skeptic to Agile initially, she first discovered the discipline over ten years ago. Now passionate about how Agile brings people and teams together, she is particularly interested in how its principles can be extended across whole businesses, other than product development. She is an avid learner and environmentalist. Meena has also spoken at several conferences and meetups and is passionate about putting inclusive practices at the heart of her work.

Three things every team coach must know about the introvert-extrovert spectrum


Pull back the curtain on your team. What do you see?
Most likely, a mix of people and personalities working together. Look a little closer. You will notice their differing working styles. Every team has its share of extroverts and introverts. According to estimates, extroverts outnumber introverts by about 3 to 1. How does this difference in numbers impact the introverts in your team and what implications does it have on team dynamics? A team after all is a living breathing system. For it to truly unlock its potential, it must accommodate the needs of each distinct group. Especially with regards to behavior and approaches to social situations.

But what if I were to tell you that it is our collective understanding of both these broad groups that are getting in the way of the team working as a unit. This was exactly where I was a few years ago before I discovered recent research on the introvert-extrovert spectrum.

Come, build your awareness on this extremely common but frequently misunderstood component of human diversity. Delve into the neuroscience of introversion where I touch on widely believed myths. Walk away with a powerful understanding of why this knowledge is important and how this helps not just you as a team coach but also the system as a whole to better collaborate. Identify concrete actions that you can then use in any group and finally use this knowledge to create more inclusive spaces for all.

As the facilitator, I will guide you through this interactive session as we talk through the content, complete some simple, introspective questions and a survey, and create a plan. Please bring along some pen and paper. 


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