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Soft Skills Courses for Business Success

Many businesses place hard skills at the very top of the list of their requirements when hiring somebody new. What we mean by that is that they judge an applicant on the skills that are required to do the specific role they’re going to be occupying. What they don’t tend to focus on is leadership soft skills that help them to apply their knowledge effectively within a team.

Whilst we’re not saying that hard skills aren’t important – because they are – you need to focus on their soft skills development just as much. Essentially, it’s not just about getting the most qualified and talented people in your team, as they need to possess the skills to work together to achieve success for your organization.

That’s where soft skills courses come in.

So, What Exactly Are Soft Skills?

Rather than focusing on what people are trained in, soft skills relate to who people are. They represent a person’s approach to work and life, as they’re essentially interpersonal skills that go into making up someone’s personality. Further to that, they define how interaction takes place between team members in the workplace. 

Fundamentally speaking, soft skills and soft skills courses deal with people skills and a person’s ability to communicate with others around them. Soft skill development aims to encourage best practice to anyone taking a course in it so that they can effectively engage with anyone within your organization or others outside it. These skills are important and they shouldn’t be discounted.  Examples of soft skills include:

  • Communication Skills – Active listening and Interpersonal Skills with teamwork, clients or staff 
  • Emotional Intelligence – Such as ability to handle pressure, workload time management.
  • Critical Thinking – Problem solving skills and planning ahead, general Decision Making process and conflict resolution.

All of these are factors when it comes to mentoring and project management overall for your company.  Therefore not only for business efficiency but for a more aligned team, soft skills training can be a better type of training, than new skills overall at times.

So, What Do Soft Skills Courses Offer to the Attendee?

Whether attending soft skills for managers training, leadership soft skills training or soft skills and personality development training , the ethos is pretty much the same. The knowledge it provides allows a person to become better at:

  • Interpersonal Skills & Communication with other team members
  • Thinking their way around issues with enhanced problem-solving capabilities
  • Critical thinking for better business outcomes
  • Organization to ensure that teams and departments run better
  • Leadership at all levels from team level to the boardroom

It’s worth reiterating that hard skills are important, however, they’re only part of the picture. Hard skills represent the basic requirement an employee much meet in order to carry out their job, however, 90% of what makes a person and in turn, a business successful relates to the effective use of soft skills.  This is important in analyzing a new hire beyond their raw skill set for instance.

Why Soft skills Are Something You Should Care About

The importance of soft skills is becoming more widely known, with many companies and organisations now giving them the credit they so rightly deserve. Soft skill development  is key to your success as it delivers a happier, more confident workforce that can drive your company forwards.

Numerous employers assume that employees they hire have a basic level of soft skill knowledge and aptitude, however, this often isn’t the case. It’s naive to assume that your entire workforce has the ability to thrive in a non-technical work sphere, however, this equates to an assumption that all of your employees have exactly the same personality! Everyone has different social skills, interpersonal skills and adaptability and so the benefits of soft skills training sessions can work well for companies as well as help employees looking to improve job success and career success overall.

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So, if you would like to enroll your team on one of our soft skills courses today, we’d love to hear from you. Should you wish to speak directly to us about your precise soft skill development needs, contact us online and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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