Agile Facilitation

Effective facilitation has a great influence

Agile Facilitation Enables Powerful Changes


Effective facilitation has a great influence on individuals and the teams that they are part of. It changes the way people think and behave, and ultimately support them to positively change the world around them.


Agile Facilitation Core Competencies

The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) is the worldwide professional body established to promote, support and advance the art and practice of professional facilitation.


It has developed six key competencies of facilitation from the collective wisdom of IAF members to help groups become more effective.

Facilitation Core Competencies

Create collabrative client relationships
Plan appropriate group process
Create and sustain a participating environment
Guide group to appropriate and useful outcomes
Build and maintain professional knowledge
model positive professional attitude

Agile Facilitation Services

Catalysing team collaboration and delivering better results

The Agile way of working requires a high-level of collaboration, where the team needs to share information and make collective decisions effectively. Effective facilitation is critical to the Agile practices – providing fundamental support for self-organisation, adopting an informed and cooperative approach to problem-solving and consistently yield better results.

Agile facilitation is remarkably powerful. Explore how our agile facilitation services UK can help your team:


Facilitation Skills and Techniques

We work with your teams to construct and refine their facilitation toolkits, improve their facilitation skills and techniques, and enhance the design and preparation of collaborative events. This will enable your teams to gain experience facilitating specific agile practices most relevant to your organisational context, foster cooperation and self-organisation, focus on key deliverables and increase work effectiveness.



We assist your teams to use rapid and consensual planning to groom upcoming work, set expectations and gain active support from team members, define deliverables in each step and the meaning of ‘done’, identify and eliminate waste effort in ineffective practices, and provide a reference for measuring progress.


Rigour and Structure

Our agile facilitation services UK can assist to bring more rigour and structure to your Agile meetings, ceremonies and collaborative events. This warrants high level of engagement and participation throughout the meetings, as well as clarity and transparency, so that team members can get work done more efficiently to achieve greater team success.


Dysfunction Personas

We help your teams to address dysfunctional personas and behaviours that deteriorate relationships and team productivity. We allow them to recognise that people are not the dysfunction personas they exhibit. And help them to identify ways to diffuse the disruption effects, demonstrate professional attitude and behaviour, uplift team energy and optimise team performance.

Business Coach

Consensus Building

We provide guidance to help your teams achieving consensus. This involves establishing good relationships and communications between team members, encouraging open and effective dialogue to explore issues, enabling different views to be aired and discussed in a constructive manner, and helping team to reach creative decisions and solutions that are readily implemented.

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