Agile Transformation

Our team of experts will guide you through a successful agile transformation by piloting, scaling and bringing Agile Mindsets & Business Agility to your team.

What is Agile Transformation?

Whether you are trialing Agile transformation with one team or implementing Agile to the entire organisation for a better workflow overall, we are the ideal partner to help you navigate through this transformation roadmap into a challenging yet rewarding journey.

We have extensive expertise and experience with organizational change, leading successful agile training, coaching and consulting in UK, USA and over the globe. Combining our passion and determination to help our clients succeed, we enable you to infuse long-lasting business change and get the most from Agile transformation in the UK, US, India and globally. We help to introduce Agile into any size organization from startups and SMB to large-scale global, pragmatically beyond technology delivery, permeating strategy, leadership, business design, operations, product development and service innovation, and so on.

What We Can Do For You?

By bringing Agile coaching ways of working to your organisation, we help you to deliver value to business and clients faster, enhance team morale and cooperation, improve project management, product quality and throughput, expedite time to market, and become more innovative, efficient and effective in the short term and long term.

We offer the following services to help infuse agile adoption into your organization’s DNA:


Agile Assessment

We help you to assess the ‘agility’ of your organization and provide thorough guidance to accelerate your Agile transformation. This can be a single engagement to obtain an insight on your Agile readiness or maturity, or on an ongoing basis to track and measure progress in your Agile transformation, or for a particular area as per your requirement. We adopt both quantitative and qualitative mechanisms ranging from metrics to immersed interviews to provide full report with high-impact recommendation for improvement.

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Agile Consulting

Our agile coaches help you to gain clarity on your organization’s vision, levels of staff buy-in and current state overall, identify the changes required with an appreciation of your business challenges in order to achieve your goals. We work with you to establish your group strategy, define objectives, increments and key results, and construct a plan to guide continuous delivery of Agile development and measure outcomes.

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Agile Implementation

We provide structured and constant services to help you shape your Agile practices across your entire organization and realise the benefits of Agile transformation. Steered by your requirement, we assist you to select pilot team to champion changes, exemplify success and validate framework, drive transformation with measurable results, regularly review and course correct transformation plan, and prepare your team with the knowledge and skills to sustain the change results after our consultants have moved on.

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Agile Facilitation

We adopt facilitation techniques to ensure your teams work together cooperatively and effectively and move things towards the right direction. Agile facilitation encourages cross-functional team work, scenario development and stimulate consensus. We have extensive experience in helping clients to facilitate strategy workshops, leadership and stakeholder decision-making meetings, conflict resolution and other critical discussions to warrant the end goals are met.

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There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for Agile transformation and we tailor our approaches and services to address client’s needs, team members and challenges. From agile teams to scrum master decision making, we help our clients to establish and mature their capabilities in constantly adapting and responding to market changes, innovating products and services, adding value to business and clients, and becoming learning organizations. From leadership teams and individual teams to stakeholders and C-level, along with staff across the entire organizational structure, Leadership Tribe can work with your business in developing agile principles moving forward.


How can Leadership Tribe help you?

Find out how we can help create more value for your team leaders and members with our agile courses and contact us today.

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