Coaching Cohorts

Coaching small community to achieve their best

What is Cohort Coaching?

A cohort is a small community of committed members who share common interest and come together for learning and growth. With coaching guidance, the members bring professional challenges into a confidential container, share experience, support and challenge each other to achieve their personal and group goals. 

Cohort Coaching is widely recognised in leadership development and are often designed to increase the effectiveness of emerging leaders. It delivers profound benefits that are far beyond what can be achieved by individual coaching alone – not only mastery of leadership skills at personal level, but also leverage the ‘wisdom of the crowd’. Participants generate learning from the interactive cohort coaching sessions and continually build their capacity and new possibilities, apply learning to their own business challenges, share their experiences with the group, and use peer feedback to reinforce and accelerate the development cycle.

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How Can We Help ?

Cohort coaching provides a great opportunity for participants to explore and strengthen their leadership effectiveness and overall performance.

  • Help you to explore and understand your impact as a leader, identify your leadership strengths and blind-spots
  • Assist you to select and/or develop the right cohort who are committed to the members’ as well as the group’s collective success
  • Build data collected from assessment and feedback into your cohort process, and provide one-on-one sessions to process the data
  • Engage qualified coach to support you establish process,  facilitate discussions and further explorations, move you toward action plans to achieve goals
  • Enable an open, supportive, accountable environment to help you uplift leadership effectiveness and deliver greater value to your organisation
  • Empower you to adopt new ways of being and doing, adapt to constant changes and drive business results through ongoing disruption

How Do We Engage?

Our experience suggest that the cohort coaching is most effective with at least 6 months in duration and a maximum of 8 participants. The curriculum is formed of subject matters that are specific to the needs of the participants in each cohort. We also invite industry-leading guest speakers to interact with the cohorts for new ideas and inspirations.

Step 1.

 We use assessment instruments, such as surveys and 360-feedback, to help you understand your strengths and gaps for development 

Step 2.

Our experienced coach meets with you for a one-on-one coaching session to help you identify your objectives and create development plan.

Step 3.

Our coach facilitates your cohort including 4-8 people to conduct highly interactive coaching sessions every month for 90 minutes (Skype, Zoom or in person).

Step 4.

We enable you to gather the data and wisdom of your cohort community to help you address your desired outcome.

Step 5.

We provide you resources and full support to apply learning in practice and follow up actions between sessions.

Step 6.

We help you to experience growth and transformation and embed new ways of being, thinking and doing in your future.

How can Leadership Tribe help you?

Find out how we can help create more value for your team leaders and members with our agile courses and contact us today.

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