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ICAgile Training Provider

ICAgile represents a global body that deals with Agile accreditation and certification and it exists to assist organisations to design courses to enable agility for an organisation on a sustainable basis. When you become an expert in Agile, you gain the ability to blend all elements of Agile to break through the limits of Agile processes and realise true sustainable agility.

 At Leadership Tribe, we are delighted to provide training that’s accredited by ICAgile (The International Consortium for Agile), which is an unbiased, independent body that provides accreditation for courses that have the aim of teaching specific disciplines with Agile. These carefully reviewed courses take you on something of a journey that ultimately results in Agile expertise.

    ICAgile Certification

    Certification in ICAgile is awarded at three different levels; ‘Master’ at the top, followed by ‘Expert’ and finishing with ‘Professional’. The content of the courses we provide cover 7 different Agile disciplines to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

     The disciplines covered include:

    ICAgile Infographic

    The start of this journey, as previously mentioned, is the acquisition of the entry-level qualification – ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) certification. When ICP is awarded, it is an acknowledgement of the practitioner’s competency and that they have a firm grip on the required knowledge at a foundation level.

    The Next Steps for ICAgile Training Professionals

    Once the individual has the foundation level accreditation from an ICAgile training provider like ourselves, it’s simply a question of how far you want to go. By taking extra certifications in their chosen disciplines, they can build on their knowledge base and add to their certifications as they go.

     Let’s have a look at those now…

    ICAGile Expert (ICE)

    The subsequent step after ICP is to move up to the second level and become an ICAgile expert (ICE). Accepted and recognized by thought leaders within Agile, getting to the ICE level involves demonstrating competence in front of an expert panel in real-time. In order for ICE to be awarded, the candidate must satisfy three criteria:

    • They must receive a credit for a specific set of track-based learning objectives
    • They must demonstrate considerable experience within the described track discipline
    • They must pass an evaluation of competency

     All of these courses can be taken as part of our standard or fast-track services, so that you get certification you need to achieve your business goals in a time-efficient way.

    ICAgile Certified Master (ICM) Agilist

    The highest level of accreditation for ICAgile is ‘Certified Master’ (ICM) which requires a mastery of multiple disciplines within the Agile framework. In order to even apply, the candidate needs to attain two ‘Expert’ accreditations and then demonstrate them to an evaluation panel.

     It’s stringent testing, for sure, but it’s just one of the reasons why those who hold ICM accreditation are held in such high regard in the Agile world.

    Some of the Wonderful Organisations We Work With

    Choose Leadership Tribe For All of Your Agile Training Needs

    At Leadership Tribe, we have years of experience in the professional training sphere and the Agile courses we provide offer a comprehensive understanding of the Agile concept at all levels. All of our training adheres to the highest standards of Agile and will equip those who take it to have a hugely positive impact on the business or sector they work in.

     If you would like to know more about our Agile training, we encourage you to get in contact with our friendly advisors who can talk you through all of your options. Agile is here to stay and the sooner you have an Agile expert on your team, the better equipped your business will be to overcome the challenges that modern business throws up.

    How can Leadership Tribe help you?

    Find out how we can help create more value for your team leaders and members with our agile courses and contact us today.

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