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From engineering and software, to construction and manufacturing, Agile training methodology is becoming more and more popular. Find out some of the industries our team at Leadership Tribe specialize in.



Agile Construction

Agile can work well in various stages of construction project management, whether managing the development of particular team members, avoiding cost overruns or looking at resource requirements in real time, an Agile approach can help through the different phases of the project lifecycle, such as the design phase, project planning and development.

Learn more about Agile Construction

Agile methods for Engineering practices

Leadership tribe can help you explore methods such as:

  • Kanban: A workflow management method that is popular in agile projects from prototype to validation stages for example.
  • SCRUM: Agile Framework and continuous improvement for ever-changing projects and product development
  • Extreme programming: A software development methodology and agile approach that also focuses on flexible amends

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How to transition finance teams to Agile?

Our aim with our agile finance courses is to work with all stakeholders and help you and the CFO to have a clear plan and direction moving forward, a streamlined budget approval process or better management of cash flow depending on the business.

Discover how Leadership Tribe works with Agile Finance

Agile Government & Private Sector

Leadership Tribe has worked with various private sector teams over the years to help build agile methods and the agile mindset that can improve delivery of the project.  Many government and private sector projects often come to a halt or have a stalled release and the goal here is to avoid that risk that can cost everyone.

Additional Agile Government and Public Sector info

Agile in the healthcare sector

Healthcare delivery has its own set of regulatory compliance laws and rules per market and this has been an obstacle for many healthcare systems when it comes to improving patient experience and process improvement overall.

Find out how Leadership Tribe works with Healthcare and Medical companies

Ways an agile approach can benefit your nonprofit

No matter what the cause, all companies and non-profits can benefit from faster product delivery, a team that can adapt to changes and balanced communication between all stakeholders.

Learn about our training for Agile Non Profits  

Agile Manufacturing

Agile Manufacturing is the ability to be flexible in what you do, such as products you build, amends in product design to cater to audience change, an example of an agile approach is making items specifically for customer needs via processes, tools and training to respond to your audience quickly

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