Organisation Crisis Management

See beyond the immediate chaos and invest in preparing for the new normal.

Leading Organisations Through Crisis


As the world is facing an unprecedented situation today, we are very cognizant that our people and businesses are in uncharted waters. 

At Leadership Tribe, we focus on helping people and businesses to build competency and resiliency to adapt to the new reality and thrive in adversity. In this time of need, our persistent commitment to your success is greater than ever. 

We would like to update you on how we drive our employees and customers forward through crisis, and how we can help leaders to navigate uncharted waters. Below is a serial of activities we have defined, which are also modular and can be tailored to address specific challenges. 

We are here to help

We understand that the new reality is complex. We also believe that crisis will bring opportunity. It is critical that we do the right things today to ensure we seize and realise the opportunity when the new normal settles. 

We are here to help leaders not only to navigate through the crisis, but also to see beyond the immediate chaos and invest in preparing for the new normal.

Architecture and DevOps


  • Be adaptive and test new approaches
  • Adapt to the new way of working
  • Establish cadence
  • Create value in the new normal
Leadership and strategic planning


  • Take all stakeholders into account
  • Define response strategy and OKRs
  • Balance between servant leadership vs autocratic leadership
Training, Mentoring, and Coaching


  • Reconnect people to people
  • Reconnect people to context (self-care)
  • Reconnect people to enterprise
  • Reconnect enterprise to context
Practice and Process

Practice and Process

Methodological guardrails to ensure swift and safe Agile transformation and set it for success.

Organisation Design

Organisation Design

Streamline organisational structure, optimise systems and workflow to generate the most value with agility and customer centricity.

Operating Model

Operating Model

 Integrate business and IT, elevate alignment in operation capabilities to deliver value, build resilience and improve performance.

Client Journey – Prioritise Your Success

Our business niche is grounded in providing a bespoke premium experience for clients, and authentic and unique services to deliver value. Clients refer us to other businesses, and the word-of-mouth turns into a high-quality business. 




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Leverage our knowledge and experience to help you expand perspectives, uplift skills, improve performance, and deliver better quality and result.
Implement your learning into practice, pilot new ideas with minimised risk, measure objectives and key results for evaluation.
Change your mindset and ways of working, deliver value, constantly and iteratively anchor achievement and look for further improvement.
Multiply your achievement and results by helping others to succeed. Join us to build a community where we can exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Why Choose Us

We focus on value creation for clients, and use integrated approaches to deliver pragmatic transformation solutions and benefits at pace.

  • Empirical learning
  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • Sheer professionalism
  • Client focus
  • Experience, knowledge and strategic insight
  • Customised training
  • Integrated approach
  • Global presence and network

Our Value Is The Sum Of Our Values

Our values are embedded in our DNA. They direct how we work with our clients, with our business partners, and with each other. Through integrity, customer centricity, respect, trust, drive, learning, and innovation, we have created a vibrant and collaborative company culture evolving around delivering value for clients.

Some of our lovely customers we support with Agile Transformation

Over the years our consultants have been assigned with organisations across the globe ranging from various industries.

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